Pulp Disco & The Outcasts – Over Midnight

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Such a good track at 115bpm. These guys rock.

pulp disco


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Kitty Glitter

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Kitty Glitter

First time in AC

MIDI is 30 years old

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The original CatSynth a 7 voice (meow) instrument which predated MIDI by decades.

BMW 650i Gran Coupe in Manhattan

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Two week old 650i on West 81st and Columbus Avenue, NYC

JASKIM Summer 2012 Mix

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Here is a quick 30 minute mix. Trying to get back into it. Last mix I did was 2007, so about time…Hope you like it…

New Jamie Kidd Mix June 2012

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Hoffmeister Kink article on NY Times

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Hoffmeister Kink article on NY Times

THE BMW 5-SERIES (F10) has perhaps the best-looking Hofmeister Kink of any BMW ever made.  From an engineering standpoint, BMW says it was incredibly difficult to produce this c-pillar with such a tight angle. Apparently the shape of the chassis metal behind it required some pretty intense and precise math calculations, as if done wrongly, the metal would just tear during the production process.

Here is an in-depth article from paultan.org that details the 2012 F10 design process.

My 37th Birthday this Thursday

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My 37th Birthday this Thursday

A Birthday Celebration, Feat. Connie , Mario Sequera at Bar 13
Date / Thursday, 3 May 2012
Time / 10:30 – 4am
Venue / Bar 13/ 35 East 13th Street; New York, NY 10003; United States
Cost / FREE!

M.A.N.D.Y. @Fly BerMuDa

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New M.A.N.D.Y. mix download while you can: