Double spacers are resistant to change.

Frankly, I see no difference between typewriter and computer. The single space is simply not easier to read in either format. Those using justified text for looks are not aware of the fact that it has been proven that non-justified text (left edge smooth, right edge jagged) is easier to read; just as it has been proven that serif fonts are easier than sans-serif fonts to read.

This is truly an American laziness, and desire to change for ease. Every where else, the double is the standard.

In response to the preceding argument: Typewriter fonts are mono spaced. The word processor introduced proportional fonts to the masses. The fact that single spacing (following the period) is the standard, has nothing to do with the younger generation, or American laziness. Take a look at any professionally printed magazine, brochure, advertisement or web page… All single spaced! You want to tell me that they are all wrong? Double spacing proportional fonts create “rivers” running through the paragraph which makes text difficult for the eye to follow. Double spacing is desirable only when using mono spaced fonts, such as Courier, or on a frigging typewriter. ~JKW

~ by jaskim on August 20, 2008.

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