Mexican Coca-Cola in New York

I have always bought my mexican cokes at the 24 hour deli on west end ave between 64th and 65th. I haven’t lived up there for 6 months but today I just went back (70+ blocks from me now) and bought 6 for $12. well worth it. ($2.50 ea. as of 2/09)

So if you have a craving for a heavy glass bottle of coca cola with SUGAR instead of hf corn syrup, check them out… Also, check for the Mexican Pepsi which they sometimes stock.

There is a Toga Bike shop on the corner of 64th, the West End Super is on the corner of 65th. The crosstown 66 bus heading east, stops just outside.

~ by jaskim on September 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mexican Coca-Cola in New York”

  1. well, I dont know if they’re MEXICAN, but on the corner of Broome & Forsyth (Lower East Side) there is a hispanic deli that sells coke in glass bottles, same size as the ones pictured here.

  2. I bought a bottle at
    Bagel Buffet
    510 6th Ave
    Btwn 13th & 14th St.
    2 dollars a bottle…

  3. Great. Any store or restaurant that buys Jarritos Mexican soda is dealing with the distributor for Mexican Coca cola. My friend’s burrito shop in Jersey City, NJ just started selling them,

  4. Zingone Brothers 471 Columbus Avenue between 82/83rd Street $2.00/ea!!!

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