my world trade center visitor id badges

wtc2WHEN I WORKED FOR AN ELECTRONIC BROKER-DEALER, Cantor Fitzgerald was one of the firm’s major customers. The only time I ever needed to go over there was about four times during a 3 week period in aug/sept 2001. My office was across the street on Broadway. I remember thinking to myself that it must suck to work on the 103rd floor, fighting tourists and taking two elevators down and up just to have a smoke and the computer room up there was no joke so i asked the tech guy, Why? and he said (if i remember correctly) that Cantor liked being on the top floor and had previously been in a top floor space (in midtown?) before taking the wtc floors, which I assume was quite a good deal for them back when the towers were largely unoccupied for years.a

So my last time up there, to replace a 56k with an isdn modem, which was being used as a backup line to our office, was Friday, September 9, 2001. Today, I had the urge to scan my visitors badges for posterity, before they fade out completely.

My contact at Cantor was just a really nice family man from Queens (just a few years from retirement) and when I checked, he was confirmed dead rather quickly on the 11th.

If I am ever being selfish or unreasonable, to think about everything that happened on that day, really puts perspective on life, in a hurry. a tragic moment in time but also a potential source of strength. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. ~JKW

~ by jaskim on September 11, 2008.

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