Just saw Format B close 5 to 6am at studio b. Their new stuff sounds so good live. must sleep a bit.

~ by jaskim on September 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “MINITEK SATURDAY”

  1. WHat I day!!, I was told Format:B were playing at Europa Club, I left Studio B thanks to the bad set from PLEXUS fallowed by Magda who could not do to much maybe in part due to the lack in bass, or the lack of AC!! I never saw so many people trying so hard to have fun.

    Once I left the place I was told; “no re-entrance” what that F*ck is my weekend pass for?? once in Europa we were told it is going to be close by 4am……:((((( so again I miss another one of my favorites….what a wasted of time and money, me and my friend spent around $1000 in tickets only.


  2. That sucks, sorry to hear that. Yeah Studio B was hot and stinky, fortunately I got there very late, and only had to endure an hour until Format B came on. glad I didn’t hear about Europa or whatever they were saying.

    also i got the cheap presale tickets so even though the night was so/so, Coney Island was a blast x2 and I got more than my money’s worth. feel more sorry for the people from out of town that had problems.~JKW

  3. Yeah Format-B was off the hook! They played some really good musik man! I fuckin loved it! It was supposed to end at 8, bullthis that whole weekend, I’m emailing minitek to try and get money back for my girlfriends ticket. Minitek had the worst organization ever. what a rip off. But format b made my night, and Magda was awesome…..and Richie Hawtin ripped it up at Coney Island, my favorite dj….dudes the best! Anyways never goin to another Minitek again, they were lettin ppl in that were paying cash as opposed to ppl who had prepaid tickets??????????? tht shit made no sense at all….pay mad money ahead of time so ppl paying at the door could go in first….lmao RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yeah seriously, never had such a bad experience at any club event or festival in my life. my friends who bought wkend passes couldn’t get in on friday and were told the party was canceled (instead of moved to another venue, which was the truth) so they missed marco carola. and yeah, pissed i didn’t hear about europa til the day after- seph played there and he was one of the main artists i flew i out to see :*( oh well, no more minitek for me either!!

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