minitek sunday

great fucking party. anyone still complaining about friday probably didn’t come out for saturday or sunday. it more than made up for it. (penn plaza is at fault here, not minimoo) studio b was whatever but it was great to be out in coney island. that empty lot will not be there forever but hopefully it can be done somewhere out there again.~JKW

~ by jaskim on September 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “minitek sunday”

  1. what happened with the afterparty? Cielo cancelled? all I heard was Canarsie as i left and no one was driving me there so i went home to land the plane.

  2. Yes I am always going to complaint about this terrible day, despite of having an indoor festival in such a public place in the middle of Manhattan at front of the Madison Square Garden,the longest 2 hours waiting ever; full of anxiety at just one hour and a half from the official opening time, seemed to me unacceptable, on top of that we got police hustling as if we were criminals….f*ck… then the news were: ” the place is not full at all but it is over the limit, everybody go home!!!!!, but the worst disgrace ever was the improvised relocation at this place “rebel” where we were re-directed to pay extra to listen regetton gettho gay, I didn’t know we were entering into the Regetek Room!!
    Next day didn’t warm up until 4pm and then again the police busted the venue, and then lets improvise, at Studio B, where the hustle came this time from the bouncers who didn’t know about the minitek’s connection until later, all the schedule got confused and I ended up listening Plexus, what a boring man….and Magda as flat as usual but where was the bass at Studio B?!?!? and the AC off!!!… so f*ck my weekend pass this was a total ripoff, no way I was going so far away again to Coney Island for this but treatment…

    Shame on you Minitek Organizers!!!

  3. Hey Jaskim what were you on on Saturday? “great fucking party”?? Are you kidding me? Please give me the # of your dealer!! THE WORST PARTY IN THE HISTORY OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC IN NYC. No innovation tent, no system to get people checked in, no water or beer for the first hours. The show did not start on time and ended before time. NYPD just doen’t go around the city looking for parties to close. MINIMOO obviously didn’t comply with the required regulations.

  4. and now, the moderate perspactive:

    Yes, there were some major faults with the execution of the minitek festival. I could see how someone who paid for the weekend vip pass might feel unsatisfied.

    In regard to the nighttime venue problem, one story i heard was that Minitek was decieved by the venue operators about the venues capacity….
    But, this is just speculation, until Minitek makes public the reasons for that and other non-delivered aspects of the festival.

    However, the days spent in Coney Island were extemely enjoyable for most. The sound istallation was very good, the locale was gorgeous, and there were minimal conflicts with the community or authorities, as often will happen in these situations.

    I am a seasoned party-goer- i have been to festivals in countless countries around the globe. My feeling is that Minitek, as a party throwing entity, is somewhat young, and what they did provide this past weekend is actally quite remarkable, considering the climate of New York with regard to dance culture.

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