Stanton SCS.3D : stupid name, for starters

Here is a product bound to gather dust in a closet. Might be useful in 20 years when discovered at a garage sale and put to real use by a creative person who likes the novelty/malfunction.

~ by jaskim on September 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stanton SCS.3D : stupid name, for starters”

  1. this thing has amazing potential. I’ve played with it when a rep was showing it in a store and the power to manipulate multi touch, reconfigure the mapping to your requirements, layering controls is amazing. I’ve not seen anything else as powerful and tactile as this.

  2. agreed on the “da” scratch name though. should just be “the” scratch. but what the hell. SCS3d as a name is cool and who cares, it’s all about what it does for me.

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