Scanner @ World Financial Center/Winter Garden 07.07.09


AN electronic musician with one of the richest working methods in the business, Scanner came up creating ambient beatscapes with sounds pirated via various short-wave radios and police scanning devices. He’s been known to move away from the most literal approach of his early work, but beneath the tense rhythms and slurry sine waves, he layers in lurk snippets of live phone conversations and crackling microwave frequencies pulled straight from thin air. It’s all a little haunting, to be sure, but also beautiful. Decider

Tuesday, July 7th, 9pm
FREE CONCERT at Winter Garden
World Financial Center
220 VESEY ST, NYC 10280

~ by jaskim on July 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Scanner @ World Financial Center/Winter Garden 07.07.09”

  1. Great image, thanks for creating that and hope that you were able to come to our evening, we all enjoyed it. Thanks! Robin / Scanner

    • Thanks Robin. Although I cannot take credit for the image, I did make it to the show and thought it was wonderful. I have been a fan since hearing the track “Safety” featured on Trance Europe Express v2. It was great to finally see you perform here in NY!

  2. It was fantastic to return to NYC and play a show after a long, long time. Thanks for your support there and you can always join me at for updates in the future if you wish 😀 Have a great summer! Robin

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